5 great opportunities to ask for referrals

Most well-performing businesses have embraced the use of referrals for them to thrive. However, most customers will not spread the word about your business even if they liked your service. Therefore, it is up to the business owner to ask for a referral. So, do you know when to ask for that referral? Business owners cannot just ask for referrals until the right opportunity to ask for that referral presents itself. Here are the best opportunities for business owners to ask for referrals.

1. During the listing appointment
When introducing yourself to clients, be sure to emphasize that your business has benefited mainly because of referrals. This shows that your customers are so impressed by your business thus they can recommend you to family or friends.

2. When communicating through a written form
Whenever you decide to send an email signature, a marketing mailer or a personal note, do not forget to remind your customers that the business is built on referrals. You can be rest assured that the satisfied customers will not mind giving a helping hand.

3. Whenever you receive praise
When guiding a client through the details of a deal or when giving a tour around your business, customers will show appreciation at different points. Do not hesitate to let the customer know how glad you are to help customers and you would be happy to help other potential customers they may know.

4. During closing
Once you have closed a deal with a customer, you will not have constant contact like you did before. The closing of a deal provides the perfect opportunity to ask for a referral. Be sure to remind the client that you would be glad helping other people in their network.

5. At the highest point of the transaction
It goes without saying that the highest moment for a client during the whole transaction is when you get into a contract. Therefore, take advantage of the client’s enthusiasm and ask for a referral. Courtesy of the positive energy displayed by the client, you stand a great chance of getting a referral almost immediately.

A referral is a great marketing tool that is cost effective. However, you need to ensure that you have a great reputation in the business world and most importantly, you should strive to ensure that the client is impressed by your business. Now that you know how to get the help of a client, do not hesitate to take advantage of this opportunity to grow your business.