7 best practices on handling negative reviews

Many are times when business owners receive negative feedback that hurts them. Unfortunately, not many business owners know how to handle this negative criticism thus giving responses that might jeopardize the existence of their businesses. Negative reviews should not be taken personally since they provide the business owner with crucial information that will enable them to change various aspects in their business which customers are not happy with.
Business owners should consider adopting the ideal practices that will enable them to handle negative reviews. Herein an overview of practices that will enable business owners to effectively handle negative reviews.

1. Always respond
Some negative reviews might be very hurting and thus business owners choose to ignore such reviews. This shows a great level of unpreparedness from the business owner’s side and this can cost your business lots of clients. Be sure to give a positive response no matter how hurting the negative reviews are.

2. Don’t take it personally
Taking a negative review personally will arouse the anger in you thus making you give a negative comment that will hurt your business. Always view negative comments as an opportunity to perfect your business and assure the customer that you have noted and you are working on their concern.

3. Apologize and own up
Accepting the mistake and owning up goes a long way in proving how responsible your business is. In addition, this shows that you appreciate your clients even when they give negative feedback. Apologizing and owning up will capture the loyalty of your customers since they know they have a brand that listens and acts on their concerns.

4. Use a good sense of humor
Even when you receive the most hurting comments, do not take them too seriously. Find a way to react without showing that you are angry. When responding to a negative review, be sure to add some sense of humor that will show that you value the review and you are willing to improve on the areas noted.

5. Highlight your strengths
In most cases, clients give negative reviews because of frustration. Therefore, it is important that you reassure the client of the importance of doing business with you. There is no better way to reassure the client than to highlight your strengths.

6. Be honest
When giving feedback to a client’s negative comments, avoid making promises that you cannot fulfil. This will only make the clients feel more disappointed in your business hence they will have no option but to find another business.

7. Ask for another chance
Always show that you value the presence of your customer by asking for another chance to make things right. When you ask for another chance, the clients feels that they are valued and appreciated thus they will always transact with you.

The manner in which you handle negative criticism in your business goes a long way in determining the type of relationship you will enjoy with your clients. Do not allow your customers to dampen your spirits with their negative reviews and the best way to do so is by adopting the best practices to handle the negative reviews!